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Intentional Relationships to Self, Systems, Community, & Value.

About Us

Defiance Exchange was founded by cyclebreakers who were sick and tired of being sick and tired and knew there were better ways to live. We remind each other of our agency, sovereignty, and support the messiness of going for what we want in life alongside each other. We off services including: Workshops, Personal Coaching, Relational quizzes, Business Consulting/Trainings, and when we get enough funding - a timebank. Learn more at

Why You Should Join

Are you into breaking cycles? Forging your own path? Finding ways to relate and celebrate with people? Get messy with and have fun playing in an environment with people who choose accountability, growth, joy, & celebration. We want to celebrate you as you are and support you in where you want to go. 

A Big Thanks

Honestly, you being here makes us feel less alone in systems that benefit from isolation, individualism, perfectionism, binaries, unnecessary hierarchies, & power imbalances. Any financial gifts go to maintaining the relationships and work necessary to curate this space for you. 

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